Bendzunas Glass
89 w south ave. Comer, gA 30629
(706) 783-5869

We will be at the ACRES show in Philly
Feb. 14-16, 2015
Please contact us for current
hours and demo schedule

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Visit us at the Athens Farmers Market

Demonstrations;  Saturdays

Please call during the week

In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni.

We go wandering in the night,
and are consumed by fire


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Bendzunas glass is a family run art studio that has been creating unique nature inspired works for almost 40 years. Our art can be found in galleries nationwide.

Founded in Athens, GA the studio moved to scenic Comer Ga in 1990.

Largely self taught,  Paul developed unusual and innovative techniques including custom made tools and hand mixed colors.

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Scheduled Demonstrations: Saturdays 9am-2pm

Please call during the week.

Bendzunas Glass is located at:

89 W. South Ave
Comer, Ga 30629

(706) 783-5869

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